NUTRABBIT Signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Vietnamese influencer network company 'Hellosol'

9 Aug 2023
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[Bio Times] NUTRABBIT, a company specializing in manufacturing inner beauty, has signed a business agreement with Hellosol, a local influencer network company, to promote B2B commerce business in Vietnam.

"Hello Sol" is composed of Vietnamese influencer sellers, and specialized influencers such as beauty, health food, and lifestyle are conducting various e-commerce businesses such as live commerce and SNS markets.

An official from NUTRABBIT said, "We mainly distribute K-beauty brand products, and we have high confidence in Korean products distributed through 'solsolunnie', a leading Korean influencer seller operating in Vietnam, at a time when distrust of copy products is increasing."

"NUTRABBIT" operates a health functional food manufacturing platform and develops inner beauty products made by experts based on accumulated databases and know-how. In particular, the Nutrabbit R&D team is composed of pharmaceutical companies and has strengths in raw material expertise, and is expanding its scope to the development of cosmetics and non-medical products that contain medically proven functional raw materials in addition to inner beauty products.

Through this business agreement, "Hello" and "NUTRABBIT" are promoting brand development through joint investment, and "White Collagen," an inner beauty product released in early July, was sold out through live broadcasts and pre-orders conducted by "solsolunnie." With this trend, it plans to release more than six products by the second half of this year.

Park Eun-sol, CEO of Hellosol, said, "We plan to continue brand development through NUTRABBIT, a company specializing in inner beauty product R&D and manufacturing. Currently, about 30 influencers are expanding, and we are preparing a childcare system to succeed as sellers."

In addition, Min Kyung-ran, CEO of NUTRABBIT, said, "We are pushing for full-fledged preparations, starting with Vietnam, to enter the global B2B business in the beauty market, including inner beauty." It plans to distribute high-quality brand products to the Vietnamese market at a reasonable price by minimizing margins of high-end products focused on functionality. Furthermore, we are also promoting the establishment of a B2B platform for Vietnamese influencer sellers.

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