NUTRABBIT selected an exclusive model for overseas influencer 'solsolunnie'

16 Jun 2023
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"NUTRABBIT" which operates the B2B manufacturing platform for health functional foods, announced that it has selected "solsolunnie," a Korean influencer with 235k followers in Vietnam, as its exclusive model by launching the cosmetics concept "INNERGEN PLUS."

Inner beauty chewable 'INNERGEN PLUS' is a follow-up product to 'INNERGEN Tab', in which actor Han Da-gam (Han Eun-jung) acted as a top model. It is a quadruple functional health functional food in the form of a chewable that increases the content and increases the absorption rate.

"solsolunnie" the second-generation model of Inner Beauty's "INNERGEN PLUS," plans to expand local consumers through modeling and collaboration of NUTRABBIT's inner beauty products by selling out NUTRABBIT's inner beauty products in one day through live broadcasting.

An official from NUTRABBIT said, "At a time when the K-inner beauty market is growing in the Vietnamese market, we will expand the inner beauty line by developing various new products for local consumers through cooperation with solsolunnie."

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