Health functional food B2B manufacturing platform 'nutri 3·3', pushing to enter the Southeast Asian market.

14 Mar 2023
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The number of monthly users (MAU) of "nutri 3·3," operated by NUTRABBIT, a health functional food development and consulting company, exceeded 20,000 (as of February this year), and all figures, including the number of members and counseling, are showing growth. nutri 3·3 is a B2B manufacturing platform launched in September last year.

In particular, the number of overseas users continues to increase, especially in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, accounting for 40% of the total inflow. Recently, the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, has also been on the rise, and contracts are currently being coordinated.

Following this trend, NUTRABBIT is preparing for service advancement and marketing in earnest to attract overseas customers this year. It is conducting strategic business partnerships with local companies such as certification agencies, MCNs, and distribution companies, and is preparing solutions through this.

An official from NUTRABBIT said, "We are paying keen attention to the growth potential of the Southeast Asian market, and we have confirmed the possibility through increased overseas sales of products developed by NUTRABBIT and local reactions through fairs and investment briefings." In the future, we plan to target overseas markets rather than domestic ones," he said.

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