NUTRABBIT-GM Cosmetics, Launches 'Ready-Talks', a premium health functional food

30 Dec 2022
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[Issue & Biz reporter Kim Ha-sung] NUTRABBIT, a company specializing in health functional food manufacturing and consulting, announced on the 30th that it has launched GM Cosmetics' premium health functional food "Ready Talks 710(레디톡스 710)" a global distribution company specializing in beauty & health.

"Ready-Talks 710" is a health functional food certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that is made with a suitable ingredient combination for Asians who consume a lot of carbohydrates.

The main ingredients are Garcinia cambodia extract and fructo oligosaccharide, which are peach-flavored powder containing 750 mg of total (-)-hydroxycytic acid and 3,000 mg of fructo oligosaccharide, and are designed to be easily consumed in water.

In addition, it contains various auxiliary ingredients such as ovary-fired maltodextrin, green tea extract, hibiscus extract powder, vitamin C, cereal vegetable fruit mixed fermentation enzyme, vitamin mineral mixture, and amino acid mixture.

"You can go on a healthy diet by adding 11 kinds of vitamin minerals, 18 kinds of amino acid mixtures, and 17 kinds of lactic acid bacteria as subsidiary ingredients," a NUTRABBIT official said. "It can help reduce body fat by suppressing carbohydrates' synthesis into fat as well as increase intestinal beneficial bacteria and facilitate bowel activities."

An official from GM Cosmetics said, "We were able to release products easily from product planning to design and production through the dry manufacturing platform 'nutri 3·3'. We are also currently planning follow-up products targeting China and Southeast Asia."

'nutri3·3' provide original brand manufacturing (OBM) services that cover brand consulting, product planning, development, production, and management of health functional foods, allowing customers who lack expertise in dry season to release products easily and quickly.

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