Launching of "nutri3·3"... One-stop service for health functional food production

12 Oct 2022
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It launched a health functional food manufacturing platform called "nutri3·3," which allows users to check in advance the possibility of manufacturing health functional foods they want to make and estimates.

Nutri3·3, a B2B manufacturing platform launched by NUTRABBIT, a company specializing in developing and manufacturing health functional foods, is a health functional food manufacturing platform that provides full services from planning to manufacturing and marketing so that anyone can easily make health functional foods.

The newly launched Nutri3·3 platform emphasized the 'free estimate' system to the front and designed UI and UX according to customer convenience. It is produced as a "reactive web" that is automatically adjusted to the size of each device beyond the unified web-centered screen, increasing customer convenience.

Nutri3·3 can easily organize products with the idea of health functional food users, and its strength is that it can be one-stop online from manufacturing inquiries to sample production.

It is also easy to use. If everyone has an idea and has a health functional food they want to make, they only need to access the Nutri3·3 platform and select the categories such as the function, raw material, formulation, and package of the product they want to make. In addition, you can configure optimal products through DBs of companies built within the site, and request free estimates and sample production.

Nutri3·3 plan to expand promotional activities not only to domestic and foreign companies but also to individual businesses wishing to distribute health functional foods. Currently, based on DB, it plans to form strategic alliances with more than 300 companies and provide various services.

In this regard, Min Kyung-ran(Chris Min), CEO of NUTRABBIT, said, "We are currently pursuing business in the form of business partnerships with companies in various fields, and have already started exporting to overseas through product development with overseas commerce platform companies." During the beta service period, there are continuous inquiries from abroad, and we plan to focus on overseas exports in the future, he said. "As it has recently been well received in various investment attraction markets, new investment inquiries are also increasing."

He also stressed, "We will serve as a pioneer in the K-health functional food B2B platform, a new business model, by expanding global services in the future."

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