NUTRABBIT - 'The Invention Lab' holds a "Korean Startup Meet-up in Vietnam" event in Ho Chi Minh

29 Sep 2022
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'The Invention Lab' (CEO Jinyoung Kim), an early start-up investment institution and tips operator, will hold a "Korean Startup Meet-up in Vietnam" event at Lotte Hotel on October 28 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Since 2019, 'The Invention Lab' has held an annual event under the name of VKSEN (Vietnam Korean Startup Entrepreneur Network). After failing to hold it for two years due to COVID-19, Ho Chi Minh City in May 2022 and Hanoi Meetup in August will be successfully held in accordance with the Vietnamese government's measures to lift quarantine measures, and the third Meetup event will be held in October.

The theme of this event is "Vietnam's Korean Startup Meet-up," and it will be a combination of a fair and meet-up that will break away from pitching and question-and-answer events and set up booths for institutional investors and actual customers invited at the booths. To this end, it will form a strategic partnership with Coo-Builder, a local accelerator agency in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and set up a concept zone to make it fun for investors to choose as they follow the route.

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