'NUTRABBIT-BARICARE' Health functional foods exclusively for hospitals · clinics are released··· Market expertise·competitiveness ↑

26 Sep 2022
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NUTRABBIT, a health functional food manufacturing company composed of former pharmaceutical companies, announced on the 23rd that it has launched a multi-vitamin "Doctor's Mega Vita" exclusively for hospitals and clinics in cooperation with the health functional food brand "BARICARE."

'Doctor's Mega Vita' is a product developed based on data from an obesity metabolic surgery clinic specialist. It helps nutrition management for obese metabolic and gastric cancer surgery patients, dieters, vegetarians, and pregnant women. It is a high-content health functional food containing 20 functional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and calcium, and 17 subsidiary ingredients such as iron, magnesium, and vitamin B8 (inositol). It is an all-in-one product designed in consideration of the daily nutritional standard, and is a Chewable formulation that is convenient for anyone of all ages and men.

An official from "NUTRABBIT" said, "We expect the launch of Mega Vita to improve expertise and competitiveness in the health functional food market and enhance brand reliability for visitors visiting hospitals and clinics." "In the future, it should be a health functional food that can be safely taken along with professional prescription drugs by doctors," he said. "We will continue to research and develop products necessary for patients by collecting medical opinions from doctors."


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